Primary (Reception to Year 6)

We currently have 12 classes across the primary years Reception to Year 6. Most of our classes are composite (more than one year level) and teachers modify the curriculum to cater for individual students. All students participate in lessons with specialist teachers including Japanese, The Arts, Health and Physical Education.

Student learning is supported by SSO’s and other specialist staff who work together collaboratively to provide the best possible learning opportunities for our students. Literacy is a site priority and is explicitly taught in all curriculum areas focusing on writing, spelling and grammar. The Early Years are using Jolly Phonics to further progress our students’ literacy skills. Guided Reading, independent reading and programs such as Accelerated Reader are used to develop reading skills. Numeracy is also a site priority, with R-6 staff using the Big Ideas in Number program in all classes.

We offer the following intervention programs for students experiencing difficulty in literacy and numeracy learning areas:

The Reading Tutor program (developed by Multi Lit Pty Ltd / Macquarie University) for selected students in years 3-9. 

The Quick Smart Numeracy program (developed by the University of New England / SiMERR Australia) for selected students in years 4-9. 

Students have the opportunity to participate in extra curricula activities such as visiting performances, school camps, excursions, school socials, choir and swimming programs.

Students are given many opportunities to develop leadership skills. As an R-12 site older students buddy with younger students to provide emotional and academic support. Students across the school are encouraged to participate in various student representative groups and all committees have students as members.

Play is the Way is the foundation of our pastoral care program taught by all teachers Reception - 6, reinforced by teachers years 7-12 and used by both student counsellors. Play is the Way is a philosophy and program that helps students develop strong skills in self-control, motivation to pursue excellence and care for those around them.

We have continuous assessment and reporting with parent/ teacher/ student discussions including interviews and learning reports.


Middle School (Year 7 to 9)

Through living our values of Learning, Caring and Sharing, we aim to meet the holistic needs of young adolescents by nurturing positive relationships between students, staff and families, promoting resilience and supporting our young people to develop independence and confidence. We offer an inclusive program that supports individual learning needs.

Our pastoral care program focuses on becoming a community of learners, developing a growth mindset, setting and working on goals for continual improvement, business and enterprise skills, developing self-regulation and co-operative skills through the Rock and Water program, and of course preparing for group excursions and camps.

Middle School classes take place in specialist areas (Hospitality, Art, Design Technology, Digital Technology) and in our wonderful new Middle School building which includes a media studio and special technology room. Project Based Learning (PBL) is one way our students develop knowledge and skills; by working for an extended period to investigate and respond to problems or questions and by presenting their learning to an audience. It’s important for young adolescents to feel engaged and in control of their learning. PBL allows students to take responsibility for their learning in a supported environment.

Students who learn to design questions, investigate and research complex issues, persist with challenging tasks and manage time and resources are preparing themselves for the independence and rigour of senior school, further study and the workforce.


Senior School (Year 10, 11 and 12 plus)

We are committed to providing our students with a wide range of options and experiences on their pathway to successful completion of SACE and life beyond school: to university study, vocational training or the workforce.

We regularly host presentations and conduct excursions to assist students clarify and work towards their goals, both in study skills, wellbeing and future directions.

All senior students are supported to successfully complete and earn credits for the compulsory SACE subjects: Personal Learning Plan, Literacy, Numeracy and Research Project.

Remaining credits can be earned through successfully completing school based subjects (a wide range of classroom based and specialist subjects is offered), accessing VET courses and Open Access learning. Through involvement in Australian Business Week, Work Experience and a variety of programs, students are in engaged in learning at school and beyond the classroom.